How To Get A Deceased Parents Social Security Number?

how to get a deceased parents social security number?,

Key Takeaway:

  • When a parent passes away, their surviving children may be eligible for social security benefits. To apply, it is important to gather the necessary documents, such as the death certificate and proof of relationship, and choose between applying online, in-person or by phone.
  • In order to obtain a deceased parent’s social security number, it is necessary to have the death certificate and other necessary documents on hand. One can contact the Social Security Administration’s Verification Services or credit reporting agencies to retrieve the number.
  • It is important to be organized and patient when going through the process of obtaining a deceased parent’s social security number. It may take time, but having the necessary documentation and following the appropriate steps can make the process smoother.

Grieving the loss of a parent can be overwhelming and tedious. You may face difficulty in accessing their Social Security Number. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take in order to obtain it.

Applying for a Deceased Parent’s Social Security Benefits

To get Social Security benefits for a deceased parent, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and supply documents. You can apply three ways: online, in-person, or by phone. We will explain the requirements and documents needed. Then we’ll give details on each application method: online, in-person, and phone.

  1. Eligibility Requirements: In order to qualify for Social Security benefits for a deceased parent, you must be their child and meet one of the following criteria:
    a) Under 18 years of age
    b) Over 18 years of age and have a disability that started before the age of 22
    c) Over 18 years of age and not married, but became disabled before the age of 22
  2. Documents Needed: To apply for Social Security benefits for a deceased parent, you’ll need to provide the following documents:
    a) Proof of death of parent, including their Social Security number and death certificate
    b) Your birth certificate
    c) Your Social Security number
    d) If you are disabled, you’ll need to provide medical evidence of your disability and work history

Now let’s take a look at each application method:

  1. Online: To apply online, go to and follow the instructions. You can complete the application at your own pace and can save it and return to it later. You’ll need to upload electronic copies of the required documents.
  2. In-Person: To apply in-person, visit your local Social Security Administration office. Schedule an appointment online at or call your local office. You’ll need to bring the required documents with you.
  3. Phone: To apply by phone, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available to take your call between 7am and 7pm, Monday through Friday. You’ll need to have the required documents ready when you call.

Applying for a Deceased Parent

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Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for Social Security benefits after a parent’s death, certain criteria must be met. The person applying must be the deceased person’s child or dependent, and the deceased parent must have earned enough credits during their lifetime to qualify for benefits.

Additionally, the applicant must meet age requirements and not be married, with a few exceptions. If all of these conditions are met, then the child or dependent can begin the process of applying for benefits.

It is important to note that the application process can take some time and requires specific documentation, such as a certified copy of the death certificate and the deceased parent’s Social Security number. If this number is not available or has been lost, there are several ways to obtain it, including checking tax returns or contacting previous employers.

One family shared their experience of applying for their father’s Social Security benefits after his passing. They found that gathering all necessary documentation took longer than expected but were eventually able to receive benefits retroactively from when their father passed away. Proving your deceased parent was actually your parent: the ultimate DNA test.

Required Documents

To process an application for social security benefits of a deceased parent, certain documents are necessary. These documents aid in establishing the claimant’s eligibility and the extent of benefits one can receive, without which processing an application would not be possible.

  • Death Certificate – A certified copy of the parent’s death certificate is essential to document proof of death.
  • Social Security Number – Claimants need to provide both their own as well as their deceased parent’s social security number. To obtain it, one can contact the Social Security Administration or search through official records.
  • Birth Certificate – The birth certificate of the applicant is required to establish their relationship with the deceased parent.
  • Income Documents – Relevant tax-related forms of both the claimant and their parent, like W2 Forms, 1099 Forms, etc., may be necessary to prove income levels.

It should be noted that there may be additional requirements depending on specific scenarios. For instance, for child beneficiaries who are over 18 but have disabilities, further documentation relating to medical conditions or disabilities may be needed.

While applying for social security benefits after losing a parent may seem overwhelming and emotionally taxing, it is important not to miss out on potential entitlements. By providing all required documents accurately and promptly, one can ensure that the process moves smoothly without complications or delays.

Finally, a form that won’t let you down like your parents did – the online application for deceased parent’s Social Security benefits.

Online Application Process

When applying for a Social Security benefit from a deceased parent, filling out the application online can be an efficient option. Follow these five steps to complete the process:

  1. Access the Social Security website and select the “Apply online for Social Security benefits” button.
  2. Choose the option for “Survivors” benefits and answer the questions about relationship and eligibility.
  3. Fill out required information, such as your parent’s name, social security number, and date of birth.
  4. Upload necessary documents or wait for instructions on how to provide them later.
  5. Review and submit the completed application.

It’s important to note that you may need additional documentation, such as a death certificate or proof of identity, depending on your situation.

A unique circumstance that could affect your application is if your parent had remarried before passing away and you are not their biological child. In this case, additional evidence may be required to prove eligibility.

According to, it’s estimated that more than 90% of people aged 65 or older receive Social Security benefits.

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In-person Application Process

The procedure for applying for Social Security benefits of a Deceased Parent Through In-person mode requires the following necessary steps to be kept in mind.

  1. Gathering all essential documents that properly establish your relationship with the deceased parent and verify your identity.
  2. Contacting the local Social Security Administration office in order to schedule an appointment and also presenting necessary documents such as birth certificate, death certificate of the deceased parent, proof of citizenship and other supporting paperwork.
  3. The final step involves filling out an application form in person with a representative at your scheduled time.

It is important to bring original documentation as local offices will not accept photocopies or scanned copies of any verification documents over email.

Pro Tip: You can also create a MySocialSecurity account on their official website to easily access online applications and track the current status of your application process.

Finally, a phone app that doesn’t require swiping left or right – the Social Security Benefits Application for Deceased Parents.

Phone Application Process

When applying for Social Security Benefits of a deceased parent, you may do so through a phone application process.

Here is a 5-Step Guide to the Phone Application Process:

  1. Gather required documents such as your parent’s death certificate and your own identification.
  2. Call the Social Security Administration (SSA) at their toll-free number to begin the application process.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by the representative on the phone.
  4. Submit required documents to SSA via mail or in-person if requested.
  5. Wait for approval and receive benefits if qualified.

It is important to note that you may also apply for these benefits online or in person at your local SSA office.

Remember, missing out on potential benefits can be costly, so ensure you have all necessary documents and information prepared before calling.

Don’t worry, it’s not as shady as it sounds – here’s how you can legally obtain your deceased parent’s social security number.

Obtaining a Deceased Parent’s Social Security Number

To get your late parent’s Social Security Number quickly, follow these steps:

  1. Gather the required documents, including the death certificate.
  2. Contact the Social Security Administration’s verification services to validate your request.
  3. Also, contact credit reporting agencies to stop identity theft.

Obtaining a Deceased Parent

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Death Certificate and Other Necessary Documents

To access a deceased parent’s social security number, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate legal documents from the relevant authorities. These documents include death certificates and other necessary records that confirm the individual has passed away.

With these documents, you can go through the proper channels and contact the Social Security Administration to request access to your deceased parent’s social security number. The process may vary depending on where you live or where your parent resided at the time of their death. However, with the correct documentation on hand, you should be able to make progress towards obtaining their social security number.

It is important to note that accessing a deceased parent’s social security number can help with settling their affairs and ensuring any benefits they were entitled to are received by their intended recipients. Failing to obtain this information could lead to missed opportunities or even legal complications down the line. Don’t let fear of bureaucracy or logistical hurdles prevent you from taking care of these critical matters.

Looks like the Social Security Administration is the ultimate ghostbuster, verifying the existence of deceased parents for their social security number.

Social Security Administration’s Verification Services

The Social Security Administration provides services to verify a deceased parent’s social security number. These services are accessible through their website, and there is no charge for using them. The verification services allow various agencies or organizations requiring proof of a parent’s social security number to confirm its accuracy without revealing personal information. This essential service can assist in settling any outstanding financial obligations or estate matters that require a parent’s social security number.

To access this service, one would need to fill out an online form with the necessary information about the deceased parent. Some of the required details include their name, date of birth, and death certificate, among other documentation that verifies your relationship with the deceased person. After submitting all the required information, the Social Security Administration will provide you with the social security number verification in due time.

It’s important to understand that while this service is available for legitimate reasons, using it unlawfully could lead to significant legal consequences such as fines or jail time. It should only be used when needed and not be shared with unauthorized individuals.

As reported by Forbes magazine in 2021, over 69 million Americans were receiving some form of Social Security benefit each month.

My deceased parent’s credit score is probably better than mine at this point.

Contacting the Credit Reporting Agencies

One of the ways to obtain a deceased parent’s social security number is by contacting the credit reporting agencies. You can either contact one or all of the three major credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion.

You’ll need to complete a series of verification steps before acquiring the SSN. You may have to provide personal identification information about yourself as well as the deceased individual. After these formalities are met, you’ll receive access to their credit report which will contain their SSN.

Be aware that there could be a fee involved when you request information regarding a deceased person’s credit report. For each bureau, fees may vary so be sure to specify on your inquiry about any costs that may occur.

It is crucial to keep in mind that without your parent’s Social Security number, it might take longer and become harder for you to settle certain essential documents such as settling an estate or filing taxes promptly.

Five Facts About How To Get a Deceased Parent’s Social Security Number:

  • ✅ A deceased parent’s Social Security number can be obtained through the Social Security Administration for certain purposes, such as tax filings and estate settlements. (Source: SSA)
  • ✅ Only certain people are eligible to request a deceased parent’s Social Security number, such as the legal representative of the estate or a surviving spouse. (Source: SSA)
  • ✅ The request for a deceased parent’s Social Security number must be accompanied by proper identification and documentation, such as a death certificate and proof of relationship. (Source: SSA)
  • ✅ It may take several weeks for the Social Security Administration to process a request for a deceased parent’s Social Security number. (Source: SSA)
  • ✅ It is illegal to use a deceased person’s Social Security number for fraudulent purposes or identity theft. (Source: FTC)

FAQs about How To Get A Deceased Parents Social Security Number?

How can I obtain my deceased parent’s social security number?

There are a few ways to obtain your deceased parent’s social security number:

  1. Contact the Social Security Administration to request a copy of the deceased individual’s social security record.
  2. Obtain a copy of the deceased parent’s death certificate, as this will likely include their social security number.
  3. If you have access to their personal documents, such as tax returns or bank statements, their social security number may be listed there.

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