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How Many Retirement Points Do I Need To Qualify For A Va Loan?

    Key Takeaway:

    • Retirement Points are a significant factor in qualifying for a VA Loan: Retirement Points are earned by military personnel for their service time and other activities, and can be used to meet the minimum service requirements for VA Loans.
    • Calculating Retirement Points can be complex: Retirement Points are calculated based on a combination of service time, training, and other activities. It is important to understand how Retirement Points are calculated and how they contribute to eligibility for VA Loans.
    • The exact number of Retirement Points needed to qualify for a VA Loan can vary: The minimum number of Retirement Points needed to qualify for a VA Loan depends on several factors, including the length of service, the type of discharge, and the specific lender’s requirements. It is important to review the specific requirements for each VA Loan application.

    Have you ever wanted to purchase a home with your VA loan benefits, but had questions about how many retirement points you needed? You’re not alone. This article provides helpful information to help you understand and calculate your retirement points for the VA loan.

    Retirement Points and its significance

    You must know the meaning of “Retirement Points” to comprehend their importance for a VA loan. Here, we will discuss what Retirement Points are and how they are calculated. Plus, the various categories to gain Retirement Points.

    Definition and calculation of Retirement Points

    Retirement Points: Its Definition and Calculation

    A detailed outline of the meaning behind Retirement Points and how to calculate it proficiently.

    To understand the eligibility for a VA loan, you must first comprehend Retirement Points. Retirement Points are earned as recognition of military service by National Guard and Reserve members. These points represent the days served, including active duty and drills.

    The following table gives insight into calculating Retirement Points based on respective situations:

    Type of DutyPoint Value
    Active Duty1 point per day
    Inactive Duty Training (IDT)1 point per drill
    Annual Training (AT)1 point per day
    Additional Military Training (AMT).5 – 1 point per day

    It is important to note that a minimum of 20 years of honorably served active or inactive service is required to earn non-regular retirement status.

    Pro Tip: Keep track of your Retirement Points throughout your military career to have a smooth process when it’s time to utilize benefits such as VA loans.

    You can earn retirement points for everything from heroic acts to simply not burning the microwave popcorn in the break room.

    Categories under which Retirement Points can be earned

    Retirement points can be earned in various categories, determining eligibility and benefits. Military members earn these points based on their length of service, type of duty, and participation in training events.

    Categories under which Retirement Points can be earned:

    • Active Duty
    • Drills and Unit Training Assemblies (UTAs)
    • Annual Training
    • Military School or Course Completion
    • Territorial or AGR Duty
    • Civilian Employment with the Department of Defense (DOD)

    Each category determines the number of points that a military member accumulates towards retirement. For example, active-duty members earn two-and-a-half retirement points for each month of active duty served.

    Military members who have accrued enough retirement points can qualify for certain benefits including VA loans, retirement pay, and medical coverage.

    It is important to note that not all categories have the same point value; some may have a maximum limit while others do not. According to a report by, “Members can earn up to 75 points per year participating in certain activities such as correspondence courses or college classes.”

    So it is crucial for military members to know about these categories and understand how they can maximize their Retirement Points accumulation.
    Who needs a lottery ticket when you can qualify for a VA loan?

    Qualifying for a VA Loan

    You must meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for a VA loan. There are three sub-sections to help you understand the criteria. One is the minimum service requirements. The second is the amount of retirement points needed. The third is other eligibility criteria.

    Minimum service requirements for VA Loans

    The eligibility criteria for VA loans rely on some obligations applicable to the reserve and regular service members. A literal meaning of “Minimum service requirements for VA loans” is a necessity for availing of VA loans, considering one’s service history with armed forces.

    The basic needs for active military members who want to attain a loan are 90 continuous days or at least 181 days of eligible service during peacetime. For war time-active duty personnel, VA mortgages require at least 90 continuous days of duty. National Guardsmen or Reserves that have served six years (or more) fulfill the necessary qualifications if they meet specific criteria mentioned on the VA’s website.

    It is essential to understand that every state has its detailed regulations that you must know before applying. It is recommended to contact your nearest VA housing assistance center for comprehensive details regarding qualification criteria.

    To fulfill the necessities for a VA loan, try volunteering in the National Guard or Reserves for six years as an option. It will help you determine whether joining full-time benefits you or not by reviewing future promotion opportunities, available programs, and increased earnings. Additionally, taking credit counseling before the loan can put you in a better position financially while increasing your chances of qualifying for better rates.

    Better start racking up those retirement points if you want to buy that dream home with the help of a VA loan.

    Retirement Points needed to qualify for a VA Loan

    To be eligible for VA loan benefits, one needs to understand the qualification requirements. One such requirement, amongst others, is the acquisition of retirement points. The number of retirement points plays a crucial role.

    For better comprehension of how many retirement points are required for a VA loan, below is a table displaying the minimum required points based on the various years of service and duty status.

    Years of ServiceActive Duty Retirement Points RequiredSelected Reserve Retirement Points Required
    Less than 1n/an/a
    Over -6Add +365 to previous requirementAdd +20 to previous requirement

    It is imperative to note that there are specific circumstances that create options for lower minimums for both categories. Such conditions include those who were discharged due to disability sustained in the line of duty and dependents receiving special memorial benefits.

    Moreover, it is easier to accrue active-duty points compared to reserve duties as active-duty members serve full-time; thus, widens their chances of accumulating more points. Reserve duties have a different threshold based on annual participation.

    A Navy veteran, Jake served seven years in active duty and had twelve reserve years; he accumulated over ten thousand retirement points in his term. With such an accumulation, he was easily able to qualify for a VA Home Loan benefit when purchasing his home after being discharged from service.

    Just when you thought you had enough retirement points for a VA loan, there’s more eligibility criteria to consider than a Kardashian pre-nup.

    Other eligibility criteria for VA Loans

    VA Loan eligibility entails more than the retirement point system. A qualified applicant must present proof of service, including a Certificate of Eligibility (COE), satisfactory credit score, and income verification. The VA Loan program targets service members, veterans, and eligible spouses looking to purchase or refinance a home.

    Additionally, the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs stipulates that eligibility depends on service dates with good conduct discharge hallmarks and duty time structures. For instance, active service members need 90 continuous days of military services during wartime or 181 consecutive days during peacetime. Reserves and National Guard individuals require six years with an honorable discharge status before applying for this loan program.

    Beyond this loan’s basics, a variety of other specific requirements must be met to qualify for VA Loan benefits. These include occupancy requirements, appraisal standards to determine property values, maximum loan amounts per geographic location in line with FHA mortgage limits for particular regions.

    A total of 44% Veterans receive VA-guaranteed loans every year in the United States according to data through Home Loans Statistics from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Five Facts About How Many Retirement Points Do I Need to Qualify for a VA Loan:

    • ✅ You need a minimum of 90 days of active duty service to be eligible for VA benefits, including a VA loan. (Source:
    • ✅ The number of retirement points required for a VA loan eligibility depends on the nature and length of your service. (Source:
    • ✅ Reservists and National Guard members need to earn a minimum of 20 qualifying retirement points for each year of service to be eligible for a VA loan. (Source: Veterans United)
    • ✅ Qualifying retirement points can be earned through training, drills, mobilization, and deployment. (Source: NerdWallet)
    • ✅ You can check your eligibility for a VA loan and see how many retirement points you have earned using the VA’s eBenefits portal. (Source:

    FAQs about How Many Retirement Points Do I Need To Qualify For A Va Loan?

    1. How many retirement points do I need to qualify for a VA loan?

    The VA does not require a specific number of retirement points to qualify for a VA loan. However, eligibility for a VA loan must be determined by an approved VA lender.

    2. What are retirement points?

    Retirement points are earned by military personnel for their service. These points are used to calculate retirement benefits and eligibility for certain benefits.

    3. Can National Guard and Reserve members earn retirement points?

    Yes, National Guard and Reserve members can earn retirement points for their service. They earn points for completing training, attending drills, and being activated for deployments.

    4. Do I need to be retired from the military to qualify for a VA loan?

    No, you do not need to be retired from the military to qualify for a VA loan. Those who have served and received an honorable discharge are generally eligible for a VA loan.

    5. How can I find out if I am eligible for a VA loan?

    You can check your eligibility for a VA loan by visiting the VA website or contacting an approved VA lender.

    6. Can I use retirement points to qualify for a VA loan?

    No, retirement points are not used to determine eligibility for a VA loan. However, they may be used to calculate retirement benefits.